EMA abandonment condemned by IFS | Young Academic Student News

Earlier in the week, Charles Whitworth brought you news of the government’s decision to disband the Education Maintenance Allowance. Young Academic’s Tom Chandler has investigated further the ramifications this could have on the students of the United Kingdom.


TUC March for the Alternative | Young Academic Politics

Some more great Young Academic news regarding the TUC this afternoon for you to get your teeth stuck into today. The March for the Alternative on Saturday 26th March will be the TUC’s biggest event for decades, bringing together thousands of trade unionists, community group members and users of public services to oppose the government’s spending cuts. Make sure you keep up to date by visiting Young Academic this weekend, your only port of call for all your student news.


Student News : NUS’ Aaron Porter on the government’s continued ‘v’ signs to UK students

Young Academic brings you an official statement from NUS president, Aaron Porter, following yesterday’s disappointing vote in the House of Commons. Just when we thought things could get no worse for UK students, the government run salt into the wounds by further distancing themselves from their commitment to the youth of today. Not the best student news for you, sorry folks.


Young Academic World News : Day of Solidarity and Defiance to be held in Trafalgar Square in opposition of Hobni Mubarak

Following a week of intense scrutiny surrounding Egypt and their under pressure leader Hobni Mubarak, Young Academic can bring you news of a ‘Day of Solidarity and Defiance’ to be held in Trafalgar Square tomorrow. The mass rally is set to be attended by charity workers, Egyptian activists, trade unionists and students as a global day of action in order to demand greater human rights in the region.


Student News : Young Academics of Europe more pro-active than older generations

This article really strikes at the heart of the Young Academic ethos as it has been revealed that we are more optimistic, are less likely to support government intervention and have a more positive attitude to EU decision making than the rest of the European population. With much of our recent student news being dominated by the doom and gloom associated with the recession and funding cuts, at least we can rest assured that our attitudes aren’t going unnoticed. Have your say by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to keep sending your articles into us at [email protected]