Google Maps Just One of the Mediums Used to Portray the Violence of the London Riots

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Since the London riots started late on Saturday night, journalists, reporters and bloggers across the country have been using a plethora of media tools to share their thoughts on what has been a gruelling three days for the country’s capital. Young Academic has been careful to ensure that we continue to bring you all the usual student news and education news that you know and love but we feel that the efforts of a blogger by the name of James Cridland deserve a mention.


UN Security Council Urged to Act Over Continued Bloodshed in Syria

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Young Academic is taking a break from student news this afternoon to bring you some extremely important world news from Amnesty International. The charity has come out and pleaded with the UN Security Council to urgently respond to the ongoing crackdown in Syria by referring the situation to the International Criminal Court.


British Philosopher Responds to the Young Academic Report on the Privatisation of British Education

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Having read the Young Academic report on the student protests in Chile and fears of the British education system being privatised; AC Grayling, British Philosopher and First Master of the New College of the Humanities spoke to the Young Academic’s Political Correspondent Robert Gant about the issue. As the United Kingdom’s number one source of vibrant education news, Young Academic will be getting to the heart of the issues that really matter throughout the summer months…


Private Education Issue Set to Rage on in Chile and the UK

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As Young Academic political correspondent Robert Gant reports, the threat of more mass student demonstrations in Chile is a timely reminder of an issue that is very relevant to UK students; the privatisation of education. Young Academic will be bringing students education news throughout the summer months, look out for some exclusive campus profiles and the Ultimate Festival Guide.


Cameron Recalls Parliament to Debate Ongoing Phone Hacking Scandal

The speed of the phone hacking crisis has been startling and has led to comparisons to the infamous Watergate scandal in America. Today Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament and the debate that ensued created as many questions as it answered. Young Academic correspondent Robert Gant reports.


Students Lose the Right to Vote in Recent Referendum | Young Academic Politics

Last week a referendum took place asking UK voters whether they wanted to change the way that MPs are elected in General Elections with a method known as the Alternative Vote. As part of Young Academic’s continued commitment to bringing you all the world, UK and student news that you need, today we bring you the lowdown on the voting system and why it was that so many students missed out on their chance of a say.


Further challenges face NUS Scotland | Young Academic Student News

Following the report by Charles Whitworth on Friday underlining the plight of Scottish students, UCLAN correspondent Tom Chandler brings more bad news for students in the north of the United Kingdom. The Conservative party has said that up to 13,000 student places in Scottish universities could be lost because poor funding.