What Does Brexit Mean For Students?


Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, there has been a lot of talk over what it could mean for young people. Many have criticised the government for …

Goethe-Institut’s ‘Europe List’ to Survey What Constitutes European Culture

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As any regulars here at Young Academic will know only too well, we are obsessed with culture here at the UK’s national student news website. As such, we can bring you news of an intriguing survey being run by The Goethe-Institut. This focuses on what exactly in means to be European and will be running until mid-May and complements the very exciting Ten Cities project which is being co-ordinated by The Geothe-Institut Nairobi…


Mark J. Carney Appointed as the Bank of England Governor from July 2013

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Mark Carney, current Governor of the Canadian Central Bank, has today been announced as the next governor of the Bank of England. He takes over from Sir Mervyn King – who has been in charge of the Bank of England for ten years – finished his second term next year and has to endure some of the worst financial conditions of modern times.

UEL Vice Chancellor Has Say on Higher Education Reforms

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Young Academic can today bring you news that the Vice-Chancellor of the University of East London has rejected the government’s claims that their higher education reforms would increase choice for students. In essential education news, he went on to warn many students that they face only the choice between a ‘no-frills’ degree or none at all.


Boris Launches New Fund to Help Young Londoners

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The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson launched a new initiative to help tackle the growing number of unemployed young people inLondon. As we continue our quest to bring you all the education news and career information that matters, Young Academic can reveal that the scheme was launched on the same day as the latest unemployed figures were announced by the government, showing yet again that youth unemployment is on the rise.


Students Lose High Court Case Over Tuition Fee Rise

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Young Academic can reveal that the two teenage students that took their fight over scandalous tuition fees to the high court have lost their case. In disappointing education news, it seemingly seems that the powers that be believe tripling fees for new students is perfectly acceptable and in fact doesn’t stop true academics from entering into higher education.