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Jessica Minh Anh to Make History with World’s Highest Fashion Show


In October of last year, Jessica Minh Anh made history in the fashion world after she hosted a fashion runway show on London’s Tower Bridge. 44 metres above the Thames, models and designers gathered for the J Autumn fashion show. On 19th March, the global fashion show organiser will host yet another fashion phenomenon, this time in Malaysia.

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Students Lose High Court Case Over Tuition Fee Rise


Young Academic can reveal that the two teenage students that took their fight over scandalous tuition fees to the high court have lost their case. In disappointing education news, it seemingly seems that the powers that be believe tripling fees for new students is perfectly acceptable and in fact doesn’t stop true academics from entering into higher education.

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Military Action Against Iran Would Be Disastrous For The Region


Young Academic Features Editor Robert Gant reports on how the West is hurtling towards disaster as Iran test fires missiles in Gulf. This is the student news portal’s first enthralling opinion piece of 2012 and there will be plenty more where this came from, make sure you follow our RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss a thing…

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Grenade Attack in Belgian City of Liege Takes Multiple Lives


As the UK’s number one source of education news and world news, Young Academic can bring you news of shocking terrorist attack in the unlikeliest of places. A gun and grenades were used in the built up centre of the Belgian city of Liege. Reports are now emerging that the attack has killed at least two people and wounded a further 47, one of these is said to be an infant.

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Evolution of Barbie Sparks Yet More Controversy


It may be a step away from the usual student fashion and education news but I’m sure there are a few big kids out there or even those just interested in the Barbie scandal who will want to know of the latest controversy to hit the news this week.

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