TSG Uses Gamification To Get Across Its SystemCare message

The entertaining and addictive value of side scrolling games has been used by the UK’s leading IT services company TSG to promote the appeal of its TSG SystemCare system.

In the latest example of how gamification can be used to great effect by businesses, TSG has analysed one of its service offerings and looked to see how they can encourage user participation and engagement.

Aimed primarily at IT managers, the accompanying video that the IT services company has released will surely have fans of retro games thinking about their time playing many classic side scrollers.

Level 2’s task of trying to get a character through a level without being taken down by threats harks back to the time-sensitive challenges gamers faced in N+ — the ninja protagonist also helps with this link. Meanwhile, the level 4 boss wouldn’t feel out of place once you’ve conquered a castle in Super Mario Bros.

Although fun to play, the main aim of this gamification technique is to take the issues with reliability, availability, system performance and security encountered by IT managers and give them a motivational and engaging twist.

TSG hopes to raise intrigue with its side scrolling gaming video so that users will feel encouraged to check out more about its SystemCare system. View the video to see how gaming is helping to shape an interesting new form of digital marketing.

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