Students Invited To Get Together For A Good Cause

GGT Plan Uk event
Young Academic can bring you news of a fantastic venture today, as students across the UK are being invited to “get together” to raise money for the biggest girls’ rights campaigns in the world.

Global children’s charity Plan UK is launching the Girls Get Together, encouraging women to meet up with their friends for a coffee morning, afternoon tea or even a film night.

Those taking part would then donate however much they would usually spend on a similar gathering to the charities ‘Because I am a Girl campaign’ which aims to help some of the poorest girls in the world.

Because I Am A Girl

“No-one bears the brunt of poverty more than girls,” says Tanya Barron, Chief Executive of Plan UK.

“Kept out of school, subjected to violence and denied a voice, millions of girls around the world are robbed of their childhoods and denied the right to reach their full potential.

“Holding a Girls Get Together is a simple way to help girls across the world stand up for their rights,” says Ms Barron.

The Because I am a Girl campaign aims to help girls finish their education, protect them from violence and give them the confidence and skills to stand up for their rights.

Anyone who wants to take part will receive a fundraising pack, including personalised bunting. Those attending will be encouraged to take a selfie and share it on social media with the hashtag #girlsgettogether

More information about holding a Girls Get Together go to: or take a look below from the organisation themselves:

Plan is a global children’s charity. We work with children in the world’s poorest countries to help them build a better future. A future you would want for all children, your family and friends. For more than 75 years we’ve been taking action and standing up for every child’s right to fulfill their potential by:

  • giving children a healthy start in life, including access to safe drinking water
  • securing the education of girls and boys
  • working with communities to prepare for and survive disasters
  • inspiring children to take a lead in decisions that affect their lives
  • enabling families to earn a living and plan for their children’s future.

We do what’s needed, where it’s needed most. We do what you would do. With your support children, families and entire communities have the power to move themselves from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity.

2) Plan UK is a member of The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), an umbrella organisation for 14 leading humanitarian aid agencies.

3) We work with children in 50 of the world’s poorest countries to help them build a better future.

4) Plan was founded by British journalist John Langdon-Davies in 1937 to rescue orphans and other vulnerable children from the Spanish Civil War.

6) We have over 90,000 sponsors in the UK, generating £24 million a year, and 1 million sponsored children worldwide

7) Sponsorship starts at £15-a-month and, rather than going to individual children and their families, funds projects to improve schooling, health, nutrition and livelihoods across communities.

8) Plan’s activities are guided by the principals of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other internationally-recognised human rights treaties, and is informed by the local context and knowledge of the country and region.

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