London 2012 Could Prove To Be Springboard for UK Students

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With the London Olympics just around the corner, the UK’s supposed ‘lost generation’ is being urged to use this huge event as inspiration and impetus for the future. Young Academic Editor Charles Whitworth examines how young people can use the games to launch their careers and take advantage of the boost that is set to be given to the economy.


Students Lose High Court Case Over Tuition Fee Rise

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Young Academic can reveal that the two teenage students that took their fight over scandalous tuition fees to the high court have lost their case. In disappointing education news, it seemingly seems that the powers that be believe tripling fees for new students is perfectly acceptable and in fact doesn’t stop true academics from entering into higher education.


Pinterest Proves it’s Worth as New Social Media Platform

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Pinterest might be two years old but it’s not until now that it’s name has become renowned in the world of social media. The site’s popularity is quickly growing but there is still a lot of confusion on what the site is actually about. One thing is for certain, it is now a top five referrer for many retailers.


Students Urged to Steer Clear of Designer Drug Roflcoptr

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Students across the United Kingdom have been encouraged to stay well away from the latest chemical substance to hit the streets. The last few years has seen a number of compounds such as M-cat and Krokodyl become readily available but doctors are quick to point out that no research has been done on Roflcoptr (aka Mket).