NUS declare dropout rates in Scotland as shameful | Young Academic Student News

Essential student news for young academics in Scotland today, as the NUS has commented on the alarming number of students terminating their studies before the end of their course. As Young Academic has discovered, the National Union of Students has labelled these statistics as ‘shameful’ resulting in a defensive response from Universities Scotland.


Student News : NUS’ Aaron Porter on the government’s continued ‘v’ signs to UK students

Young Academic brings you an official statement from NUS president, Aaron Porter, following yesterday’s disappointing vote in the House of Commons. Just when we thought things could get no worse for UK students, the government run salt into the wounds by further distancing themselves from their commitment to the youth of today. Not the best student news for you, sorry folks.


Sports News: Is this the most dramatic transfer deadline day to date?

Well, we were going to wait until tommorow to bring you all the deadline day transfer news from the Barclays Premier League but with so much going on we couldn’t resist it. As you know, Young Academic brings you all the latest student, entertainment, sports and current affair stories so read the following report on a hectic day in the UK transfer market.


Sports News: 29 year-old Macclesfield Town midfielder dies in his sleep

Perhaps the most tragic news that we have had to report at Young Academic as the death of 29 year-old Macclesfield Town midfielder Richard Butcher has been confirmed. In news that will rock the football league, Burton Albion’s match with Macclesfield Town today has been postponed out of respect. Much of the student news we have been reporting this week seems to have been put into perspective following this huge shock.