Graduates begin to question the value of a university education as a recent SHL study has revealed that 73 percent of UK graduates would consider moving abroad to find work, whilst 60 percent of graduates from the last three years have yet to find a graduate job, as Young Academic reports.

SHL is a global leader in talent management, guiding clients to better business opportunities using techniques in employee development, succession planning and recruitment. They work and have influence in over 50 countries, delivering 15 million assessments per year in a multitude of languages. Although, this year, discovered moral of graduates slumped due to the extreme lengths they feel they need to go to in order to find a job.

“The UK industry is faced with a potential brain drain”


Vice President in Business solutions for SHL, Sean Howard believes the UK is failing its graduates. He said: “School leavers are faced with difficult decisions, not only has the cost of going to university risen but UK employment options are bleak.” Howard also considers the intensity of competition in getting a foothold on the career ladder, whilst many graduates undertake unpaid internships just to put themselves in a more viable career opportunity.

Such a high level of statistic in graduates considering work abroad could hold severe implications for the UK business industry, according to Howard facing the UK with a “potential brain drain.” The main drive behind a career abroad was better prospects and a better salary, the survey revealing 36 percent of graduates polled agreed with this.

A poll of 1000 recent graduates and 350 graduate recruiters was taken and revealed that 40 per cent of graduates, having known they had to pay £9k per year, would not have gone to university at all.

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