Man Found Dead Outside Chester Post Office

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Young Academic has now stepped up its commitment to local news in the Chester and north-west area. What is rather saddening is that the very first instalment of Chester news is reports of a dead body found outside the city’s Post Office.

The reports are as yet unconfimed, but what we can tell you is that the corpse is that of a male. The body was discovered in the early hours of Monday by a stairwell at the side of the Post Office, slap bang in the middle of Chester’s city centre.

We have heard that shortly after 9am this morning, local police were called to St John Street following a call from a member of the public. The individual had made the discovery when walking past the post office which is a matter of yards from one of the busiest parts of Chester and just off the historic walls.

A forensics team, four police cars and an ambulance are currently at the scene and the police are also patrolling the walls at several locations. Young Academic does not want to get involved with conjecture and sends its deepest sympathies to anyone involved with this grimmest of incidents.

St John Street has been closed to traffic and pedestrians while officers get to work in trying to solve this mystery and throughly examine the scene, it remains to be seen whether or not this will turn out to be crime or tragedy. The Chester Post Office is currently shut; any individuals needing to use the postal service are encouraged to use either Hoole Post Office or a branch opposite Chez Joules Restaurant on Northgate Street.

Young Academic HQ is just metres away from the scene of the incident, so we will be bring you updates as soon as we can get hold of them but will be waiting to ensure we can give you accurate information. As always, stay right up to date via the Young Academic student portal Facebook page.

(Image courtesy of Chester Chronicle)

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