How to choose bar stool size will mostly depend on your available room space. All in all, your primary considerations should be width and height — after you determine optimal measurements for those, you will quickly find just the right bar stool size for your room, no matter if it is a kitchen or a living room. And here are some quick tips on choosing both:

How to choose bar stool width

1. Think of how many stools you need. The first thing to think over is how many bar stools you are going to get. This, too, will mostly depend on your room size, on your bar area in general, and — of course — on your counter dimensions.
2. Carefully measure your space. Measuring is an important part of any room decoration. Ideally, you should double check your available space to avoid awkward mistakes after the furniture is delivered.
3. Mind an optimal distance between the stools. As you measure, do not forget that there should be some distance between the stools. The optimal guideline is 6 inches, even though you can surely vary it a little depending on your room space.
4. Choose between 15, 17, and 21-inch stool. After you are done with all the required calculations, you can choose between three common bar stool width types, that is 15, 17, and 21-inch bar stools. On one hand, broader stools are more comfortable; still, they obviously require more space, so the choice here is totally up to you. In a small room, sticking to 15-inch bar stools size might be a better idea.

How to choose bar stool height

Apart from bar stool width, you should surely focus on bar stool height. One of the most important things to consider while choosing bar stools size is whether you are going with counter height or height-adjustable gas lift stools. While the second option surely offers more flexibility of usage, counter height bar stools usually come on a wooden base, which has a lot benefits for traditional-adjacent interiors — that is, rustic, vintage, or pretty much any other rooms, furnished with wood.

Your actual counter height is the first thing to start measuring if you want to choose the right bar stool size. On the whole, a stool should be 10-12 inches lower than the counter. It is possible to distinguish three distinct types of counter height, and, consequently, three bar stools height types. The lowest one is counter height (35-37 inches counter, 23-28 inches stools); then comes the bar stand height (41-43 inch counter, 29-32 inch stool); and, finally, there is an extra tall option of 44-47 inch counter and 33-36 inch stool.

Another suggestion you might appreciate is to match bar stool height and width. That is, if you go with counter height stools, go for small 15-inch cushion width; medium height bar stools will call for medium 17-inch cushion; and, of course, stick to the broadest stools if you are going with an extra high models.


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