UCAS Exam Results Helpline Remains Open for GCSE Students and Parents

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The national Exam Results Helpline remains open for students (and their parents) receiving GCSE results this Thursday 22nd August, primarily for students who do not receive the results they expect and who need expert impartial and free advice about their learning and career options.

Open for 10 days across the exam results period (between Thursday 15th and Saturday 24th August) for students receiving A level, GCSE and equivalent exam results, advisers from the helpline have already supported almost 4,000 students to make productive next steps after unexpected A level results (regional caller statistics below).
Advice topics covered include continuing into further or higher education, or pursuing different routes such as vocational qualifications, taking a gap year or finding employment.

Nick Hynes, Exam Results Helpline adviser and careers adviser with over 25 years’ experience, said: “Last year, I spoke in-depth with a 16 year old student. Her year 11 had not gone to plan. She failed her GCSEs and both she and her family were distressed. Luckily, she thought to call the Exam Results Helpline.

“By reflecting on her underlying strengths and her longer term career goals, we managed to find a bridging course at a local college. I supported her to contact the college, highlighting why she would be a good candidate for the course. She got in and started two weeks later!

“Disappointing exam results are a setback but not a disaster. It’s imperative that students have access to expert and impartial advice after unexpected results if they need it, to identify alternative ways of achieving their career goals. The Exam Results Helpline is open daily until Saturday 24th August so make that call!”

The Exam Results Helpline can be reached on 0808 100 8000. Calls are free from landlines. Mobile network charges vary.

Further information including opening hours at www.ucas.com/examresultshelpline

UK Regional Statistics

UK region Number of callers

London 27.2%
South East 21%
North West 9.5%
South West 7.2%
East Midlands 7.3%
Yorkshire & Humber 5.4%
Northern Ireland 4.0%
Eastern 3.5%
North East 3.2%
Wales 2.5%

So, What is the Exam Results Helpline?

Telephone 0808 100 8000

Calls are free from landlines. Mobile network charges vary

Delivered by UCAS on behalf of the Department for Education, the Exam Results Helpline offers free, expert and independent information and advice to students who receive higher or lower exam results than expected and need to explore alternative options for their futures.

Supporting existing education and careers advice channels, the helpline opens once a year across the A-level, GCSE, Scottish Standard, Higher, Advanced Higher and Intermediate exam results period – offering a lifeline to students who don’t get the grades they expect and want to continue into further/higher education or pursue different routes such as re-training, careers, finding employment or taking gap years.

Each helpline adviser is fully trained with at least five years’ experience working in a careers based role and a relevant qualification.

The only careers helpline with access to specific Confirmation and Clearing data via UCAS, information and advice offered is timely and accurate, including:

• Higher and further education choices (university and college options)
• Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment
• Skills, qualifications and subject choices
• Vocational learning routes
• Re-sits and re-marks
• Gap years
• Careers and employment
• Funding

The helpline is delivered by Skills Development Scotland from 6 – 14 August for students in Scotland receiving their Higher, Standard, Advanced Higher and Intermediate results and delivered by UCAS on behalf of the Department for Education from 15 – 24 August for students in the rest of the UK receiving their A level and GCSE exam results.

Exam Results Helpline Opening Hours

Thursday 15 August (A-level exam results day) – 0800:2000
Friday 16 August – 0800:1900
Saturday 17 August – 0900:1700
Sunday 18 August – 1000:1600
Monday 19 – Wednesday 21 August – 0900:1700
Thursday 22 August GCSE exam results day – 0800:1900
Friday 23 August – 0900:1700
Saturday 24 August – 0900:12noon

Important Information

The Exam Results Helpline is different to the UCAS Contact Centre helpline.

The UCAS Contact Centre exists to provide information to students about Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment eg. specific offers, acceptances, rejections and university places. The telephone number is 0871 468 0468.

The Exam Results Helpline provides information and advice to students receiving their exam results who receive higher or lower grades than expected and want/need to explore alternative options about their futures. Exam Results helpline Advisers can access UCAS specific data but exist to provide students with independent advice about the range of options available to them. The telephone number is 0808 100 8000.

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