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The Exam Results Helpline has handled thousands of calls from students looking for advice and guidance following A Level results day last Thursday. Around 60% of all calls have been about Clearing and advisers have been providing support to students who are considering using the system as a way of continuing into University despite not receiving their predicted grades.

Over 20,000 students were placed through Clearing over the weekend.

Nick Hynes, Careers Adviser at Exam Results Helpline said “We’ve been extremely busy at the Exam Results Helpline and we’re taking a lot of calls on the Clearing system, discussing the sorts of courses and universities that students could consider. It is really important to emphasise that whilst Clearing places are getting taken up fairly quickly it is essential not to sign up to a course that you haven’t previously considered without giving it a lot of thought beforehand.”

Here at the Exam Results Helpline we talk to students about the course that they wanted to do when they initially applied and discuss similar courses that are available to them.We also discuss the potential of going to other universities around the country that they may not have considered. Sometimes students can be set on going to a particular university but if they have a strong desire to do a specific course they may need to be flexible where they study.” Nick concluded.

As well as Clearing the highly experienced advisers at Exam Results Helpline also provide advice on vocational learning, apprenticeships, gap years, funding, higher education, resits and careers advice.

The Exam Results Helpline can be reached on 0808 100 8000 and lines are open until Saturday 23rd August. Calls are free from landlines and mobile network charges vary.

What is the Exam Results Helpline (ERH)?

Telephone:0808 100 8000

Calls are free from landlines and select mobile networks

The Exam Results Helpline offers free, expert and independent information and advice to students who receive higher or lower exam results than expected and need to explore alternative options for their futures.

Supporting existing education and careers advice channels, the helpline opens once a year across the A-level, GCSE, Scottish Standard, Higher, Advanced Higher and Intermediate exam results period – offering a lifeline to students who don’t get the grades they expect and want to continue into further/higher education or pursue different routes such as re-training, careers, finding employment or taking gap years.

Each helpline adviser is fully trained with at least five years’ experience working in a careers based role and a relevant qualification.

The only careers helpline with access to specific Confirmation and Clearing data via UCAS, information and advice offered is timely and accurate, including:

•           Higher and further education choices

•           Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment

•           Skills, qualifications and subject choices

•           Vocational learning routes

•           Re-sits and re-marks

•           Gap years

•           Careers and employment

The helpline is delivered by Skills Development Scotland from 6 – 14 August for students in Scotland receiving their Higher, Standard, Advanced Higher and Intermediate results and delivered by UCAS on behalf of the Department for Education from 15 – 24 August for students in the rest of the UK receiving their A level and GCSE exam results.

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