How To Meet That UCAS Deadline

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There’s only one week (Friday 15 January) left until the first UCAS application deadline of the main cycle, but if you haven’t applied for university yet don’t panic, there’s still …

How To Make It Through Clearing


It’s not long until A level results day, taking place this year on Thursday 13th August. For many students, stress levels will be at a high as the anticipation begins to drive everyone crazy.

Exam Results Helpline Advises on Clearing

exam result helpline

The Exam Results Helpline has handled thousands of calls from students looking for advice and guidance following A Level results day last Thursday.


UCAS Connect Allows Students to Blog About Their Higher Education Journey

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As part of the Young Academic to all things UCAS, we can reveal that blogs detailing the ups and downs of applying to university, written by six teenagers from around the world, are now part of UCAS Connect, the digital resource for anyone thinking about choosing higher education.


Children in Need Creates a Need to Gunge for the UCAS Team

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As the UK’s main Student Portal, Young Academic brings students the news on theUK’s main student service, UCAS. The UCAS team have been part of truly magnificent fundraising activities for Children in Need and here are the facts on what happened last Friday inCheltenham. We should all congratulate the UCAS team on going out of their way to raise money, and the details on how you can do that will be in this report.


UCAS Social Media Team Victorious at Recent Awards

UCAS - Beth Hayes and John Madden

As the UK’s dominant student portal, Young Academic reports on how UCAS, as an institution are progressing more and more year by year. UCAS has been awarded a customer service award which will surely only fill future students with faith in the service that they provide.


UcasTv Get 19,000 Hits During First Week of Relaunch

Young Academic has an exciting piece of student news for you this afternoon folks with the relaunch of UCAS TV. Fresher’s week is now upon us and this platform could provide the perfect window on to student life in the United Kingdom.


A-Level Results Day Young Academic Special

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You would have had to have had your head in the sand not to realise that today is A-Level results day and what a dramatic one it has been. As Young Academic reported earlier this morning, the UCAS website has received so many enquiries that its servers crashed under pressure. UCAS have reiterated their message from last week and urged students not to panic.