Young Academic Education News: Great way for effective language teaching out of the classroom

Intriguing academic news today as we have discovered a fantastic tool that has been developed in Finland. Young Academic bring you the ‘Sanako Speak’ which could well revolutionise the way that languages are taught to youngsters. Any of you guys studying any language at school, college or University should check this fascinating student news out…

Sanako Speak, from the company of the same name, allows pedagogically rich learning from anywhere at all, eliminating the need of a classroom and allowing more comprehensive and quicker learning.

The Sanako Corporation is the global leader in developing language teaching software and language labs for the educational sector and is launching Sanako Speak! software at BETT in London on 12 January, 2011. This innovative new product allows teachers to deliver pedagogically rich, managed language learning activities outside the physical language lab or classroom. Students can practise using the language and complete the exercises in their own time from anywhere.

Effective language learning requires learners to personally practise the language as much as possible. A language lab inspires students to actively participate in language learning exercises and encourages them to practise much more than is typically possible in a traditional classroom environment. With Sanako Speak! software, many of the benefits of a language lab are available wherever a computer and an internet connection exist.

“Sanako Speak! has an activity-based learning approach. It has been developed together with subject matter experts and in real-life settings to ensure user friendliness and a feature set that reflects the true needs of language teaching and learning. Sanako Speak! offers teachers a multitude of different activities that can be easily assigned to students as practise activities or assessable homework exercises. These activities are designed to develop the core skills of language teaching and learning: especially listening and speaking,” says Juha Ollila, CEO of Sanako.

In addition, teachers using Sanako Speak! are not tied to prepared content within the system. Content supplied by publishers and other media producers can be easily integrated. Sanako Speak! gives teachers the choice and flexibility to use whatever teaching material they want, whenever they want and to deliver the type of activity they want. Exercises can also be assigned as easily to one student in need of extra practise as they can to ten students or to an entire class.

“Sanako Speak! builds on cloud computing with easy application deployment and no need for software maintenance. When Sanako Speak! is taken into use, the software is downloaded automatically. All the tools and software required both by teachers and students to build or complete the exercises are delivered from an internet server after logging in. This offers the user institution scalability, accessibility and agility,” Timo Vasankari, CTO at Sanako explains.

Cloud computing also means seamless access from anywhere. Access to a computer and an internet connection, headphones and a microphone are the only thing needed for students to simply and quickly employ Sanako Speak! wherever they are.

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