Voilà! New Book Takes No-Nonsense Approach to Improving French Grammar

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As the nation’s favourite student news site, Young Academic is very excited to announce that Caroline Tracey has announced the launch of her new French grammar book for Sixth Form students and beyond.

Following more than two decades of running residential French courses for over a thousand Sixth Form students, Caroline Tracey has known for some time that her students’ lack of knowledge of grammar is a huge barrier to their progress. Taking matters into her own hands, she has written her own pragmatic guide to mastering French grammar.

Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond takes a fresh, much needed approach to helping students hone the grammar skills so vital to their school work. By instilling rigorous and thorough learning habits, the book has been received in the education sector with critical acclaim.

“Over the years, I’ve found that the vast majority of my students do not have even a rudimentary knowledge of French grammar,” explains Mrs. Tracey, who lives and works in Brittany. “Many teachers try to get around this problem by writing their own grammar notes. Often these teachers give their students the notes and leave it at that because they feel that they don’t have the time to cover sometimes basic grammar. This is where my book picks up.”

Essential French Grammar is suitable for all GCE boards and examination systems, including the Cambridge Pre-U and the International Baccalaureate. Since its original publication in January 2012 it has already been adopted by a number of leading independent and state schools as their standard grammar book.

“Explanations and exercises are closely linked to each other and vocabulary is kept deliberately straightforward”, Mrs. Tracey adds. “My experience has shown that topic-led grammar actually limits the understanding of the underlying grammatical elements, as students’ learning is impaired by the struggle to acquire the specialist vocabulary required for the topic in question. With topic-led grammar, there is also the risk that students will associate the grammar with the topic, as opposed to realising that the grammar applies across the board. While I’m aware that my approach may be deemed unconventional by modern standards, it’s a fresh approach that both students and teachers appreciate.”

A particular novel feature lies in the answers section, where there are additional notes which highlight and give further explanations in areas where students might have made mistakes. Designed to give students working on their own an opportunity to understand the reasons behind their errors, teachers using the book are reporting a tangible reduction in workload.

“Straightforward answers are often not enough, as I learned while home-educating my two sons up to GCSE. Further explanations are necessary for students to truly understand the principles that they are meant to be studying,” Mrs. Tracey says.

Whilst the book is mainly intended for Sixth Form students, its appeal continues far into the future. First and second year students studying French at University are finding the guide to be a vital tool for consolidating and developing essential grammar skills.

Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond is published by Tracey Publishing in conjunction with Writersworld Limited. It is available to order from most bookshops in the United Kingdom, and is also globally available via UK-based internet booksellers including Amazon. It has an RRP of just £20.00.

More information can be found here: http://www.writersworld.co.uk/french_grammar.html

To find out more about the residential French courses offered by Caroline Tracey, please visit her official website: http://www.tracey-frenchcourses.com/
ISBN: 978-0957061200 (Paperback)

Caroline Tracey, B.A. (Hons), Maîtrise-ès-Lettres, P.G.C.E., has had twenty-five years’ experience of teaching French at Sixth Form level.
She runs residential French revision courses for Sixth Formers in France and this has given her a unique insight into the grammar needs of modern students.
Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond is the fruit of this experience.

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