Using Education To Your Advantage In The Jobs Market


Education is a powerful tool for all of us. Never before, though, has education been as powerful as it is today. This is largely due to our ability to tailor education to different kinds of learners, making it possible for everyone to reach their full potential.

Of course, there is plenty of exciting career paths out there which do not just rely on traditional education paths. That’s not to say that education isn’t important, however. Here, we take a look at several ways you can use education to your advantage when shopping for a career.

Look into training courses

For some careers, there are very specific courses available which can lead you into work. BOSIET training courses (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training courses) are a great example – teaching the practical knowledge which is required to stay safe when working on an offshore rig.

Similarly, themed courses can take you into working with the Merchant Navy, or marine electrical engineering.

Choose your institution wisely

Not all courses of the same name are equal. Some institutions are more prestigious than others, looking better to prospective employers upon graduation. It’s also the case that certain schools, colleges and universities will be more fitting to your style of learning. Every individual learns differently and as a result many colleges and universities will use different methods of teaching to cater for that.

Different boxes might well be ticked by different institutions. This means that it’s up to you to decide what is most important to you. Overall, you should hope to be gaining a thorough and varied skill set from a well respected institution.

Seek out more

A lot of people look to scrape through education doing the bare minimum. While this can sometimes be enough to land a great position, it’s sometimes worth doing more than that to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you look into a practical skill like learning a foreign language, or are more drawn to an enrichment program in film or literature, all extra-curricular activities will look great to employers. As well as the practical benefit to learning, this will show initiative. Seeking out more than you need to is a great quality which employers will rightly value at some point in your future. It is often thought that those individuals who take part in extracurricular activities land the best job roles due to their ability to take on new challenges and work as a team.

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