Despite the fact that the Royal Wedding is a public holiday, the University of York has scheduled exams for what many students thought would be a day off. As Young Academic has learnt, an email has been sent to the University’s student body apologising for this but explaining that there was no alternative.

The action was taken in order to avoid there being days on which students would have clashes or double exams.

“This additional national holiday was announced after the university calendar was set.” Kate Dodd, the academic registrar for the University of York, said of the decision.

“Where possible we have moved examinations and teaching activities, but the large number of bank holidays in a short period of the first part of next term has made it impossible to avoid scheduling some academic activities on April 29.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause” she continued.

“It seems a bit harsh. They are giving a bank holiday to everyone and although students have a reputation for not working, they do work really hard.”


Students will still have access to vital academic services such as the library, exam office, ITS and canteen but non-essential parts of the campus will remain closed.

When asked what they thought of the action by the University of York and they had the following to say.

“I’m quite anti-royalist. I think the royal wedding is a waste of money when there are a lot of cuts taking place. I think we should have exams on the day. It’s not important” said Sally Devine a 24 year old sociology and education student.


Katie McKenna, 21, an English student, said: “I think having exams on that day is better than having to have a lot of exams on a different day. Its unlikely young people will care about the royal wedding. Some of my friends are having an ironic street party so I might go to that.”

Katherine Byrne, 20, an English student, said: “Some of my friends are going home specifically to watch it with their families. It’s giving a holiday to some and not for others. A royal wedding only happens once a decade. It’s an institution to be quite proud of so I think it’s a bit unfair.”


Sam Mason, 21, a sociology student, said: “I don’t have any exams that day so I don’t really mind. They said they had to do it so there were not any clashes. I think it’s fair enough – they need to do it. I will watch the royal wedding.”

Rebecca Fox, 21, an applied social science and criminal justice student, said: “It seems a bit harsh. They are giving a bank holiday to everyone and although students have a reputation for not working, they do work really hard. Will it make that much difference to have a day off when everyone else is?”

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