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Following the news that Manchester University are set to charge the maximum tuition fees possible, Preston based University UCLAN has urged the government to reconsider its policy on funding. Young Academic has been reporting on the dire state of finances for Universities in England and Scotland of late and the outlook appears to be becoming bleaker yet.

Due to recent policies enforced by the coalition, UCLAN has announced that it has no choice but to charge the maximum amount of £9,000 starting in the next academic year.

“Ministers have reacted by warning Universities that if the maximum is charged, or even close to it, then more funding for teaching could be compromised.”


The British government has stated that it wishes to replace direct funding of courses with increased fees. This news is set to anger many people out there who are already unimpressed with the governments’ attack of the British education system.

Union president Michael Palmer has said that he believes the plans will not be affordable.

“The government is trying to implement a scheme which it believes is cheaper on the Treasury and on the tax payer.

“It is simply not. It therefore cannot afford to run it. It is going to be forced to re-think its policy.

“As the Student Union here has always said, we are trying to say to the government,’re-think your strategy’.”

University of Central Lancashire’s vice chancellor Malcolm McVicar has implied that the University could now only offer a ‘superlative education’ if it substituted lost government funding through fees.

30 academic institutions have now declared their fee levels for the forthcoming year with a large proportion planning to charge the full £9,000. Such Universities as Durham, Exeter, Oxford and UCL have decided to take this action, much to the dismay of students from under privileged backgrounds.

Ministers have reacted by warning Universities that if the maximum is charged, or even close to it, then more funding for teaching could be compromised.

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