UCAS Social Media Team Victorious at Recent Awards

UCAS - Beth Hayes and John Madden

As the UK’s  dominant student portal, Young Academic reports on how UCAS, as an institution are progressing more and more year by year. UCAS has been awarded a customer service award which will surely only fill future students with faith in the service that they provide.

Wednesday 9th November,Glasgow saw the Customer Contact Centre (CCA) Excellence Awards which gave the UCAS staff a well deserved reason to be jubilant. The award; Most Effective Use of Social Media was presented to the UCAS social media team.

UCAS online experience executive, Beth Hayes said: “We’re delighted our efforts have been recognised. UCAS needs to be where our audience is and be able to adapt to new communication channels; that’s where social media comes in.”

“The UCAS Connect website is our latest venture, bringing together all our social media channels in one place online. The mobile app version of UCAS Connect means applicants can always get the help they need, even on the go.”

NUS President, Liam Burns said: “It is unusual for organisations to engage with social media in such a proactive way and to genuinely change procedures off the back of their social media interaction. This is exactly where UCAS should be and we look forward to working with them closely in the future to give applicants the best information and guidance possible.”

Customer service is something that should always be of the highest of standards, however that is not always the case, and therefore when it does meet the high standards expected it should be recognised and that is the very purpose of the CCA Excellence Awards. The ‘connected customer’ was the pivotal theme of the CCA convention of 2011 and UCAS were joined by major companies like Barclays and British Gas and UCAS should be proud to have beaten firms with such a reputation to an award.

This also shows  how UCAS is developing since Kate Brutland’s amazing customer service unit was acknowledged in 2009 and was awarded Manager of the Year.

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