UCAS Site Goes Down on Most Important Day of the Year for British Students

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Morning folks and welcome to the all new Young Academic site, improved and ready for what we’re sure will be a great academic year. What a student news story we have for you today as well as UCAS experiences major issues on A-level results day.

Thousands of A-level students across the United Kingdom have been left in limbo today as the official UCAS website has crashed. The site,  which tells students whether or not their efforts have been enough to get them their preferred university place has been shut down, apparently due to the volume of enquiries. One wonders why a national student website was not equipped to deal with such a high number of users.

UCAS has officially stated that they had no choice but to shut down its ‘Track’ website temporarily after traffic increased four-fold.

“Traffic to the Ucas Track website is four times the peak per second compared to last year.

“In order to secure a full service, we have taken the site down for a short time.

“Full service will be resumed shortly and we apologise for any inconvenience.

“All other Ucas websites, including the clearing vacancy service search function, are still available.

“Importantly for applicants, the ability to choose a clearing place will not be impacted and this function will open late afternoon as planned.”

So, although this may not be the end of the world for students across the United Kingdom, today’s development will hardly have calmed the nerves of those fretting over their University place. Young Academic would like to wish you all the very best of luck and remember to keep logging on at your favourite student news site for all your updates, career guides and education news.

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