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Some more great Young Academic news regarding the TUC for you to get your teeth stuck into tohis afternoon. The March for the Alternative on Saturday 26th March will be the TUC’s biggest event for decades, bringing together thousands of trade unionists, community group members and users of public services to oppose the government’s spending cuts. Make sure you keep up to date by visiting Young Academic this weekend, your only port of call for all your student news.

The TUC has been planning this event since before Christmas and will have more than 1,000 stewards to make sure the event runs smoothly. The march will assemble from 11am on Victoria Embankment and Lower Thames Street and depart around noon for a rally in Hyde Park, starting at 1.30pm.

Because of the large numbers attending there will inevitably be some congestion in the march form-up area and for the crowds heading home from the Park. To help people join the march and then leave the rally, the TUC has issued the following travel advice for attending on Saturday:

·    Stagger arrivals – the March forms up from 11am but will still be leaving the Victoria Embankment well after 2pm so it makes sense to arrive later rather than earlier.

·    Arrive from the back of the march – don’t try and join the march from the front as the roads will be full. Stewards will divert people along parallel roads, so the sensible option is to choose stations like Southwark, Mansion House, Farringdon and Bank to join the march from the back.

·    Don’t join feeder marches –there are no official feeder marches and despite their best intentions, they will make the day more difficult for everybody. They risk interfering with the TUC’s arrangements for disabled marchers, and as the main march will not be stopped to allow feeder marches to join it, will make for a long day.

The TUC is also suggesting that people should stagger their journeys home and research their public transport options from Hyde Park before attending as there are numerous stations within walking distance.

There is lots of detailed travel advice on the march website:


TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “Saturday looks set to be a huge, united and good-natured event, giving all those who want to oppose the government’s deep, rapid and unfair spending cuts the opportunity to speak out.

“But the sheer size of the event means that marchers need to make sensible plans for the day, working out their routes there and back home, and bringing a packed lunch and water.

“The best tip of all is to visit the special march website and read all the detailed advice on that.”


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