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It has been a hectic summer so far here at Young Academic. With all sorts of study guides, career advice and also our ever popular infographics going out every day, we have kind of neglected our commitment to graduates and entrepreneurs over the last few months.

 So fear not, with this in mind we have put together this quick guide to some of the things you should be bearing in mind if you are looking to set up your own business at the end of the academic year. With no further ado, take a look at our top three tips for 2015.

  1. Consider Digital

Unfortunately, the time has come. Businessmen and women have been saying for years that eventually digital would take over and now it seems that this time is finally upon us. You can now simply not ignore the internet and digital when it comes to your business, no matter what your sector is. There will be the purists out there arguing to the contrary but they are sadly incorrect, no matter what your product is; digital will help you to boost your ROI. Whether this is through a great website, EPOS system or maybe an app; ignore digital at your peril.

  1. Build a Workplace to Remember

This is more of classic business consideration but there are all sorts of new ways you can build a workplace to remember. This may not apply to 100% of start-up ideas but it will certainly help the majority and having a place of work that people want to be in could give you a much needed head start on your competitors. You can put together the cool and quirky office on a budget these days, from extravagant shelving and funky break out rooms to bean bags and vibrant branding. You can get some great inspiration from our friends at Slingsby.

  1. Take Your Time

We speak to many graduates here at Young Academic, many of whom used to be writers for us and others are just friends and they think there is one main reason for start-ups failing; rushing. Don’t think that just because you are out of University now, you have to build your empire in a matter of weeks. Take your time building a proper business plan and doing your research as, if you don’t, your beloved company could fall flat on its face. Take your time and you can find some great resources on start ups here.

So there you have it, they may be brief but we think these 3 tips for your new business can really help – as will some of the resources we mention. Be sure to let us know you get on and you can send your case studies to us at [email protected].

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