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Time Reveals Person of the Year – The Protester

This year’s winner of the Time Person of the Year award for having made the biggest impact in 2011 is ‘the Protester’. In a break from education news Robert Gant reports on this intriguing story.

In a year of huge geo-political and socio-economic upheaval it is fitting that Time magazine’s choice for the Person of the Year award in 2011 is the protester. Whether it is the revolutionaries of the Arab Spring, the Spanish Indignados, the Occupy Wall Street movement or the pro-democracy protesters in Russia, the protester has shaped and set the news agenda for 2011.

The magazine said it made the decision in recognition of protesters ‘redefining people power’ around the world.

Admiral William McRaven, Ai Weiwei, Congressman Paul Ryan and Kate Middleton made up the final shortlist for the prestigious award.

Admiral William McRaven was the man who led the mission which led to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Ai Weiwei is a prominent Chinese dissident who was detained by Chinese security forces this year, sparking international outrage.

Paul Ryan was a key creator of the Republican budget plan that paralysed the American Congress back in the spring of this year. Completing the list, Kate Middleton was in the international spotlight when she married into the British royal family.

The Protester being picked as Time Person of the Year follows news from The Global Language Monitor that ‘occupy’ was the word of the year as it was the word that had helped shape the perception of the most important events and issues around the world.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook was last year’s Time Person of the Year.

Other notable winners have included President Barack Obama, U2 frontman Bono, President George W Bush, Russian former President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Pope John Paul II and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khanmenei.

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