Three Steps for Students to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

increase productivity
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A manager’s most important asset is their team. Conversely, the foremost thing they should be concerned with is improving the effectiveness of their workforce. In a time where businesses are forced to take unfortunate measures such as cutbacks and even redundancies, it is important to remember there are positive things you can do to ensure the day-to-day smooth running of your business. Here are some key points to work on:

 1.      Communication and morale

Lack of morale is bad news for any work place, from pizza kitchens to stockbrokers. If your employees don’t want to be at work, why would they perform well? It is better to prevent low morale from being an issue before it develops.

As an alternative to the usual expensive ventures such as days out and incentive packages, you can adopt policies that will hopefully prevent low morale from becoming an issue, even during unforeseen crises. Always be front facing and honest with all your employees. Use positive reinforcement, such as rewarding good work. Have a sense of humour, but don’t develop David Brent syndrome. More than anything, be respectful, especially in the face of problems and problematic people.

Communication is vital to the success of your team as a unit, among themselves, and with management. Avoid passive aggressive memos and emails – they will sow discontent and cost you the respect of your employees.

2.      Ability

Acknowledging the need for improvement in your workplace could be debasing when describing it to your employees, but the best workers will use any opportunity to better themselves. Providing the means to achieve qualifications and certification is an excellent way to discern the most ambitious members of your team. The range of employee training courses with West Suffolk College is a great way to hone the skills of your workers effectively and quantifiably. Plus, when looking for middle management, hiring internally can be time and cost effective.

3.      Respect

Remember you’re dealing with people. Be approachable and fair, but don’t be overly friendly. You don’t want to blur the lines between worker and manager, because it will only end in tears. Promote an equal environment where everyone feels valued, comfortable and confident. Taking the correct course of action in all of these areas will lead to greater mutual respect in the workplace, and will harbour a pleasant and productive atmosphere that will ultimately translate into profit.

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