The Benefits of Large Global Education Groups

global education
Large, global education groups like Cognita and the Cambridge Education Group are leaders in independent learning and offering education throughout the world.  The goal of these groups is to help children all over the world to achieve success beyond expectation.  The schools that are part of these groups offer an individual curriculum based on their location yet they share the same high standards and teaching practices.

If you have been considering enrolling your child in one of these schools, continue reading to find out more regarding the benefits large global education groups provide.

Quality Education

The teachers who work for global education groups have all been specifically chosen for their commitment and dedication to learning.  Unlike in general comprehensives where teachers are often stressed and unable to teach due to unruly students, the teachers at global education groups understand how to build excellence in their pupils and how to control those who misbehave.  The common focus of high quality education means that nothing but the best is a conformed standard.

Warm, Nurturing Environment

Most global education group schools have small class sizes and old fashion values which foster a warm, nurturing environment for the students who attend them.  Each and every pupil at these schools is catered to with an individual learning approach, and the schools understand that gifted pupils require as much extra help as those that are struggling.  Due to the small class sizes, teachers can get to understand the needs of each pupils individually and foster the talent and abilities of each and every one.

Extra Curricular Activities

Schools that are part of a global education group are often able to provide their students with a range of extra curricular activities that far outweigh the offerings from comprehensive schools.  Just as an example, Chilton Cantelo, one of the Cognita schools in the UK, offers the traditional sports like football, swimming and badminton as well as more unusual activities like fitness classes, archery, fencing and self defence.  For children who aren’t very interested in sports, activities like cooking, photography, art, resistant materials, and life skills classes are on offer.  Private language and music tuition is also available to pupils on request.  All of these extra curricular activities can really help to round out a child, and can be great additions to the traditional school curriculum.

Flexible Boarding Options

The majority of global education group schools offer boarding options so that pupils can remain on the school premises after hours.  Most schools offer full boarding and some also offer weekly boarding for those pupils who wish to return to their family homes during the weekends.  Boarders are given the option of dozens of extra curricular activities to participate in, and also get to make the most of their time with their school friends socialising together in their boarding houses.  Play and relaxation are encouraged as much as studying for those who choose to board.

Global education groups offer a standard of education that is above most other forms of education.  They make a great choice for those who are able to afford them.

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