Mel Gibson’s classic film ‘What Women Want’ famously shone a light on the supposed truth of the inner thoughts and needs of the female of species, purportedly revealing their secret ‘wants’ and allowing men to learn some very enlightening aspects about the feminine psyche. Now, in a similar guise, the ‘What Students Seek’ report by Glide Utilities has revealed the hitherto unknown aspects that are key to modern students’ property needs.

The 2015 survey has revealed that the top priority by far for this year’s students is fast internet, with 83% of those asked placing this form of technological communication and online research tool above all other important aspects. Next in line was inclusive bills, with almost three-quarters, or 74%, of respondents saying that this was something they specifically looked for when choosing their accommodation, rating it as either ‘essential’ or ‘important’, revealing that today’s students like to know where they stand up-front with their student property, and in turn their finances.

The survey also showed that 61% required their rooms to have double beds and 59% needed their property to offer big, functional communal rooms, something that is often thought of as lacking in the stereotypically cramped student flats of old.

• Student top priorities revealed as fast internet, inclusive bills and double beds
• The continued ‘flight to quality’ is set to continue
• Collegiate AC provides all of aspects highlighted by report and undertake own tenant surveys

As the leading provider of luxury students properties in the UK, Collegiate AC pride themselves on knowing precisely what students seek, also undertaking regular surveys of their tenants to determine their priorities. Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO of Collegiate AC, explains more,

“The demands of today’s student is very different even to, say, a student of five years ago and keeping abreast of these evolving demands is key to providing the very best student accommodation. At Collegiate AC, we provide all of the aspects highlighted in the new ‘What Students Seek’ report, with our inclusive billing covering super-fast broadband and Wi-Fi in every room, fabulously comfy double beds, and a variety of common rooms, reading rooms and work rooms to provide our residents with the spaces they need to live and study in comfort.”


The ‘What Students Seek’ survey also found that respondents are looking for their property to have a top location (55%) and good transportation links (31%). Again, Collegiate AC opt for properties that are close to the city centre, so that residents can enjoy easy access to a wide variety of shops, restaurants and other facilities, also ensuring that they are well-located for access to university campuses, giving residents the convenience of having everything they need on their doorstep.

James Villarreal, CEO at Glide Utilities explains that the results of the ‘What Students Seek’report provide an insight into the wider context of evolving student demands,

“The secret to gaining student appeal in 2015 is definitely ‘more is more’. While the majority of students are satisfied with their accommodation, we can’t ignore the fact that this figure is gradually falling. This isn’t because conditions are slipping, necessarily, but that student expectations are rising.”

These increasing expectations of the modern student reveal that university accommodation today is not just seen as a place merely to lay your head, with this also being highlighted by the newly released Savills Spotlight report on ‘UK Student Housing’ 2015. The report confirms that,

“The introduction of higher fees appears to have continued to drive a flight to quality… The attractiveness of universities in terms of the quality of the education they provide, their value for money, employment prospects and even the student lifestyle offered by the town or city will continue to play an important role in where prospective students choose to go…. We expect the ‘flight to quality’ to continue with higher ranking institutions benefiting most.”

As Savills indicates, the importance of additional aspects and facilities to enhance both study success and lifestyle experience are key, something which Collegiate AC is at the forefront of, through providing a wide range of student accommodation of the very highest standard in some of the UK’s very best university cities.

All properties are thoughtfully-designed and beautifully attired to meet the needs of the discerning modern student. Incorporating features such as on-site gyms, private cinemas, study spaces and luxury lounges, as well as concierge services, 24-hour security and even airport transfers, Collegiate AC properties are luxurious and hugely desirable.

Canalo concludes, “We work hard to make sure that our accommodation is perfectly suited to students’ needs to ensure that we get it spot on, every time. This is something that is at the very centre of our ethos to provide ‘Student living. Just better’. We know what students want.”


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