Student Suing for $20 Million After Being Forced to Drink His Own Urine in Prison

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Young Academic can report some quite horrific student news today, as reports are emanating regarding a college student in America who was forgotten and left in a prison cell for five days with no food or water. Daniel Chong was left so deprived of essential amenities and facilities that he resorted to drinking his own urine and even shattered his glasses in a last ditch attempt to leave a message for his family.

Federal drug agents will now have to combat a claim for $20 million in compensation after he was inhumanely treated after being arrested under suspicion of drug charges. The engineering student’s attorney has filed the claim as Chong was subjected to ‘torture’ at the hands of the authorities.

‘The deprivation of food and water for four and one-half days while the person is handcuffed the entire time constitutes torture under both international and domestic law,’ the claim obtained by UT San Diego states.

The claimant is a student at the University of California in San Diego.

Chong was swept up as one of nine suspects in a raid on April 21st which netted 18,000 ecstasy pills as well as other drugs and also weapons.

The Drug Enforcement Agency has duly apologised for this series of events and has also promised to investigate exactly what happened thoroughly following further claims that prison guards made inmates dance to an Usher song just to use the telephone or microwave.

“I am deeply troubled by the incident that occurred here last week. I extend my deepest apologies to the young man and want to express that this event is not indicative of the high standards that I hold my employees to. I have personally ordered an extensive review of our policies and procedures,” stated William R. Sherman who is the Acting Special Agent in Charge of the DEA office in San Diego.

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