Student Protests in London Target Tuition Fees and Privatisation of Higher Education

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As the nation’s premier student portal, Young Academic can bring details of a student march in London, designed to target the city’s financial epicentre. Thousands of students are marching through central London, protesting against the privatisation of British universities and spiralling tuition fees.

Corporate greed is very much on the minds of the protesters as they make their way through the city of London, many have now reached their destination of St Paul’s Cathedral and are making their feelings known. Unsurprisingly, security is intense with the authorities looking to avoid a debacle such as the one seen last time students took to the streets of London in their droves.

As you read this article, many individuals are setting up tents in Trafalgar Square, indicating that the student protest is not going to be short-lived. Let us hope that there are no violent clashes and that we don’t see any of the vile police brutality that we saw last time around.

Today’s protest has been organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) due to the coalitions decision to implement a market driven higher education policy – one that excludes many working and middle class students from the university experience. Some see it as another step towards elitism (not surprising given our current PM) and a digression in terms of a liberal education system.

The campaign’s leader, Michael Chessum, had the following to say; “We are being told by a cabinet of millionaires that we will have to pay triple tuition fees,”

Following Young Academic’s reporting of the Occupy LSX protests last week, they too have their own plans for demonstration and are supporting today’s set of marchers.

Perhaps pre-empting the need to use physical force, the Metropoltan Police have come out and made the following statement; “the authority to deploy baton rounds [plastic bullets] in extreme circumstances”

Again, let us hope that these extreme circumstances to not again occur and that the police to not abuse the power the way that they did the last time British students had the cheek to voice their concerns.

Be sure to check out the video of Mike White from The Guardian at the protests, just visit the Young Academic homepage.

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