Student News : ‘Teenage Riot’ tells the true story of police brutality during student protests

Young Academic can report that VBS.TV, the broadcast arm of Vice Magazine, is proud to announce the release of ‘Teenage Riot’. Part of the Rule Britannia series now showing on the online channel, it inderlines further the shocking attitude of the police and indeed the government towards the young academics and students of today.

Named after the Sonic Youth song, ‘Teenage Riot’ tells the often shocking story of the recent students protests. Last December saw the largest period of civil unrest in England since the 80s; from the newly politicised teenagers rejecting authority, to the anarchists praying for a popular uprising and the gangs who use the protests as an opportunity for theft and violence.

Mainstream media have their accepted view of the events, but on the ground, away from the press areas at protests (yes, they exist), it all looks very different. ‘Teenage Riot’ shows the embarrassing, scary, hilarious, revolutionary and inspiring things that happen when the youth question the state and asks: what will the legacy of these protests be? As state cuts spread, the police are preparing for more violent protests, lead by the armed teenage gangs who’ve tasted civil disobedience in the student protests of 2010. Is this really the start of a long period of violent public defiance, or just a fad in a balaclava?

Describing the film, Andy Capper, VBS European Creative Director, states “We wanted to make this film to honestly portray the feelings of the demonstrating students and objectively document the events.  We wanted to show what it was like at the happenings as realistically as possible and delve deeper into what is prompting this recent trend.”

During the making of this film two VBS cameramen were beaten up by cops and one was mugged inside a protest. We spent a combined 150 hours in various “kettles” and we all had to suffer the indignity of watching our peers break dance for justice. That was the worst bit.

The five part series starts on Monday 31st January and can be viewed on www.VBS.TV

Young Academic Student News : More information on VBS.TV

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