Student News : NUS’ Aaron Porter on the government’s continued ‘v’ signs to UK students

Young Academic brings you an official statement from NUS president, Aaron Porter, following yesterday’s disappointing vote in the House of Commons. Just when we thought things could get no worse for UK students, the government run salt into the wounds by further distancing themselves from their commitment to the youth of today. Not the best student news for you, sorry folks.

Porter said; We’ve taken to the streets in our thousands, won the arguments and the battle for public opinion. We have lost in the House of Commons today only because MPs have broken their promises. We are incredibly disappointed and angry with the politicians who have let us down so badly. They have voted for a policy they know is unfair, unnecessary and wrong.”

“But this is not the end, and our protests and our work have sparked a new wave of activism which will grow stronger by the day. As they come for the education maintenance allowance, as they seek to raise interest rates on our loans and as they peddle lies about fairness we will expose their betrayal. I am incredibly proud of the student movement today and we stand ready to fight the next stage of this campaign together. Our future is at stake.”

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  2. What an awful year so far for the youth of today, The capital of British youth culture, Manchester, has had it’s soul torn out by the council and the government seem intent on deterring anyone from furthering their education. We’re going to the dogs….

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