#savetheintern Twitter Campaign to Save Tom Watson’s Intern From the Sack

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Young Academic can reveal that the hashtag #savetheintern is trending intensely on Twitter, following a serious gaff by an MP’s intern. Tom Watson’s young staff member is said to have tweeted on behalf of his employer in a way that is deemed to have been far from appropriate.

This has sparked a hashtag campaign designed to save the intern from the sack on Twitter. These efforts may well prove to be futile though, as the tweets appear to have mentioned the taboo subject of ‘rape’ humorous manner.

The tweet read as follows

“I should log out of my Twitter so that my intern doesn’t twit-rape me…,”

Seemingly aware of the distasteful tone and content of her comment, the intern reacted by following up with;

“My boss is in a meeting, I’ve made a terrible mistake, I’m very sorry everyone, it wasn’t meant to be offensive! Logging him off now! Sorry!”

Unfortunately for the intern in question, as is common in the twittersphere, the original tweet had already been retweeted over a hundred times making it visible to thousands of potential readers.

Tom Watson then became aware of the situation and sent the following message; “I sincerely apologise for the recent tweet. A lesson learned for a young intern. She’s also very sorry. I will deal with the matter offline.”

You can log on to Twitter now to see how the hashtag #savetheintern is trending. It seems that the social media community are supporting the blunder, many seeing the funny side but time will only tell if this saves her job.

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