Think internship

Now is the time for undergraduates to look for summer internships, according to leading recruitment expert and internship specialist, Ben Rosen of Inspiring Interns.

Afghanistan election candidates fear attack

Afghan election candidates, campaigners and voters have told Amnesty International that they are facing increasing attacks and threats from the Taleban and other insurgent groups in the run-up to Afghanistan’s 18 September parliamentary elections.


France must end Roma discrimination

Amnesty International has urged the French authorities to comply with a European Parliament resolution to suspend its policy of expulsions of Roma from the country.


A United Left

With the TUC conference taking place this week Robert Gant takes a look at the rhetoric coming from different sections of the political left and explores the possibility of strikes, protests and union militancy.


Interview – Ben Griffith

Brighton’s latest pop sensation Ben Griffith and new face of the Ford Focus talks to Charles Whitworth about his forthcoming EP ‘Tea & Sympathy’ and the power of the media…

Is Islam being demonised unfairly?

Whilst examining critically how and why the image of Islam has changed in Britain since events such as September 11th and Christmas Day, I conducted an interview with a representative of FOSIS. The response goes further to underline Hanjra’s concerns and reveals a worrying agenda that has been set out by the conservative press.