Oklahoma Still Enduring Aftershocks on Eventful Sunday for UK and World News

A hectic day for Sunday for news here at Young Academic has culminated in the news that Oklahoma is still experiencing aftershocks following an earthquake earlier this morning. On a day that has seen the aftermath of the worst accidents in recent times on a British highway, the continuation of the chaos on European politics and a flurry of unlikely goals in the Premier League, Young Academic would again like to extend its condolences to anyone involved in the tragedy on the M5.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, aftershocks continue to rattle the city of Oklahoma on Sunday following a series of weekend quakes. These included the largest in state history which actually buckled a highway and damaged a number of homes. Local residents are still said to be in a nervous and jittery state.

Emergency officials and seismologists are surveying the damage following the record earthquakes that took place between Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday morning. The largest aftershock of 4 was reported at 3:40 am CST Sunday.

The largest quake, which occurred at 10:53 pm Saturday night CDT caused major damage to at least five homes with chimneys even caving in.

A man has been rumoured to have been injured when he tripped and hit his head whilst attempting to flee his home near Prague in Oklahoma. However, Prague Community Hospital did not report any other injuries associated with last night and today’s events.

US Highway 62 buckled in at least two places during the earthquake, causing severe disruption east of Meeker but road crews managed to repair the damage overnight.

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