MotorParks Unveil Pre MOT Checklist for Students and Young People

MotorParks are happy to release their Pre MOT checklist  which has been created partly because the government  introduced new strands to the MOT test in December. With young people and students often being new to the road, this guide could be the perfect tool especially for anyone without a car fanatic in their family.

This great infographic from details everything a student would need to know about their MOT in a jargon free way and with handy statistics and pointers! Lights, suspension, brakes, tyres, windscreens, exhausts, fluids, seat belts and much, much more. Take a good look through this nifty little guide and be sure to share it with any friends or family who could find it useful. It could save you a fortune when it comes to your own MOT and also teach you a little bit about your car in the process!

Essential MOT Motorparks

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