Most Hated Person in the United States Revealed with Casey Anthony Top of the List

Casey Anthony

Young Academic can sensationally reveal that the most hated individuals in the United States have been revealed. Not surprisingly, alleged murderer of her two year-old daughter, Casey Anthony heads the list with some rather familiar names just behind. Hardly incisive student news we know, but worth a mention.

Casey Anthony, the Central Florida mother that was recently acquitted on murder charges got the nod as the nation’s most hated person across the pond.

The American obsession with Anthony, accused of the death of her 2 year-old daughter Caylee Marie, turned into national outrage in July  when she was controversially acquitted of murder as well as two other proposed offences.

An E-Poll Market Research survey has since revealed that the anger of American citizens has far from disappeared.  The total dislike section of the survey has Casey Anthony firmly on top with 94% of nomination. Hardly surprising as she left court laughing following her acquittal.

The rankings come from E-Poll’s ‘E-Score Celebrity’ service. This tool ranks more than 6,000 celebrities on a range of attributes.

Anthony, 25, even beat reality TV personalities such as Spencer Pratt and Nadya “Octomom” Suleman. These figures are also thoroughly dislikes in the States and came second and third with 88 percent and 87 percent dislike, respectively.

O.J. Simpson, whose controversial murder acquittal has been compared to Anthony’s, predictably came in fourth.

American citizens seemingly feel that Casey Anthony is creepy and she duly has the second-highest score in that category of all time, behind only Marilyn Manson.

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