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Sylvia Perrins, CEO, National Skills Academy for Financial Services, has stated that colleges will need to work even harder to prevent students from leaving education.  Young Academic can report that Perrins has declared this in reaction to Government’s announcement for a replacement to the Education Maintenance Allowance.

The financial incentive for students to attend school or college has now been eradicated by the coalition which will surely result in a decline in attendance. Many people have seen this as a further act of neglect towards the students of the United Kingdom.

“It is regretful that public spending cuts affect education, but any support for young people to stay at school or college is welcomed. However, while I welcome the guarantee of support for the most vulnerable students, more work will be needed to ensure that students are not allowed to slip through the net and out of the education system.

“Many people may see this as a further act of neglect towards the students of the United Kingdom by the coalition government.” – Young Academic

“As education providers will see their funding reduced, they will need to be clear on what other resources are available to them to support students. At the Skills Academy, we work closely with schools and colleges on projects such as promoting students’ financial capability, as well as introduction courses to financial services and will be working hard to support students to stay on in education. ”

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Report by Charles Whitworth (Quotes courtesy of Broadgate Mainland)

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