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As Young Academic has discovered, Manchester University has become the seventh University to declare their plans to raise tuition fees to £9,000 a year from autumn 2012, the maximum allowed by the new tuition fees bill. Tom Chandler reports on this worrying student news story…

Oxford, Essex, Cambridge, Durham, Exeter, Imperial College and now Manchester, have all announced that students not entitled to reductions based on household incomes will be required to pay the maximum price for their tuition.

Despite government warnings, it now appears that top rank Universities have all begun to charge the maximum price.


Other universities must now decide whether to follow in the footsteps of these Universities, or follow the example set by London Metropolitan, which is planning to set fees below £9000 per year.

An explanation as to why Oxford University has chosen to set tuition fees at the maximum threshold was given by the University’s vice-chancellor, Professor Andrew Hamilton who said:

““The changes to the financing of higher education – including the deeply regrettable cuts to teaching funding – present a real challenge to maintaining the excellence in teaching and research that distinguishes the world’s best universities”

After yesterday’s announcement that Manchester would also charge £9,000, vice-chancellor of Manchester University Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, said the university had come to the decision “very reluctantly”.

Students that qualify for bursaries or grants at their chosen University will still be entitled to a lower tuition fee.


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