Make Kony Famous this Year and Help the Invisible Children in Uganda

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Today and for many to come, a video made by Invisible Children will spread across social networks.  The aim of the video?  To make Kony famous.  Help show your support and join the fight to stop Kony and help the children of Uganda whose lives are devastated by Kony’s actions.

Joseph Kony  is the leader of the Christian terrorist group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda.  The country has been desecrated by conflict for many years.  For many though, the war on children Kony and his men are carrying out is unknown by the millions of people across the world and it is for this reason that Invisible Children has launched its video.

2012 is a year for change, a year that Kony is made famous.  Not for his accomplishments but to raise support for his arrest.

Kony and his army have abducted and forced over 50,000 children from their villages, forcing the boys to fight as soldiers and the girls to work as sexual slaves.  The video which has been launched shows a stark picture of Kony’s atrocities and it is hoped that the Invisible Children will encourage the powers across the country to stop the brutality which is occurring in Uganda.

Barack Obama committed 100 US troops to provide ‘advice and assistance’ to the Ugandan Army to help remove Joseph Kony but it is not enough.  They need more aid and better technologies to track him down.

As the video says, we look back on barbarity, cruelty and corruption that has occurred in history and wish that we could have made a change.  Now is your chance.  Watch and share the video, spread the word, sign the pledge and act.

On 20th April, when night falls, people across the world will fill cities with posters and stickers with Kony’s name all over them.  Have your say, make a difference and make Kony famous!

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