M1 Blocked After 20 Tonne Marmite Spillage


A step away from the usual student news, today Young Academic brings some rather British news which has caused quite a stir on Twitter this morning.  A crash on the M1 has provoked a large number of Twitter users to get creative and make some (sometimes not-so-good) puns after a 20 tonne Marmite spillage.

A section of the M1 was closed last night and a clean-up began after a tanker carrying 20 tonnes of yeast extract, believed to be Marmite, overturned.  The incident occurred last night at 10.15pm resulting in closure in both directions from junction 32 to 33.

The Highway Agency reopened the road at around 8am this morning but was expected to cause delays for rush-hour commuters.

The lorry driver was taken to the hospital but fortunately his injuries were not serious.

With news that the lorry driver was safe, sparked hundreds of responses from Twitter users overnight and this morning with Marmite becoming the top trending term.  Good, bad and terrible puns hit the Twittersphere and here is just a few:


“Was the Marmite crash on the yeast bound carriageway?”


“Marmite lorry crashes. Some people will love this news, others will hate it…”


“there’s 20 tonnes of marmite on the m1!quick, get to Sheffield with toast”

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Image courtesy of The Mirror

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