Lord Major’s Show Provides Hammersmith Academy With A Perfect Start

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As the UK’s primary port of call for student news Young Academic will provide you with all the education news, in this case with regards to the Hammersmith Academy. Hundreds of students took to the streets to promote the Academy’s new status and to show the great work of this educational institution.

Marching through the streets of Londonon the 12th of November 2011 were the students of Hammersmith Academy, the newest livery company in the UK, who are also participating in the Lord Major’s show.

With the aid of sponsors such as the Mercers’ Company and the Information Technologists’ Company (ICT) the HammersmithAcademywas able to open this month in the 42nd most deprived borough in theUK. Both companies have raised fantastic amounts of money as well as supporting the academy through their own means. This has allowed children between the ages of 11 and 18 of all abilities to be supported, and an endowment fund to be created which will exist and provide for many years.

Gary Kynaston,HammersmithAcademyheadmaster said: “it is a real honour to be part of such an historic event as the Lord Mayor’s Show. As a showcase of the best that the capital has to offer, this is a fantastic way for us to announce our presence toLondonand the rest of theUK.

“AtHammersmithAcademy, our vision, as an aspirational academy, is to create a vibrant and rewarding learning community where students become confident, independent learners that make outstanding progress and achieve their full potential, within a culture of high expectations and through the innovative use of IT and digital media. This is epitomised by the work of the Royal Signals, who are leaders in information technology and communications for the British Army, which is why we are so proud that they will be accompanying us through the city.”

Tom Sheldon, Master of the Mercers’ Company said: “As the premier Livery Company we have a very strong bond with the Lord Mayor’s Show. As such it is gratifying to seeHammersmithAcademy, the newest school in the Mercers’ group, open this year and take part in this year’s event.”

Jonathan Soar, ITC Master, said: “TheHammersmithAcademyembodies the ITC’s commitment to education, training, charitable work and social interaction. We are also honoured that the Royal Signals will be marching with the Academy. The ITC has a strong relationship with the Corps, helping many ex-service personnel transition into the IT sector.

“This year is made more special for us by the fact that the current Senior Alderman below the Chair, a position normally held just prior to being elected Lord Mayor, is ITC Court Liveryman, David Wootton.”

The Hammersmith Academy

Focusing on Creative & Digital media and IT theHammersmithAcademyis an all-ability secondary school. The academy opened in September 2011 with 120 students in year 7 and likewise in year 12, and this was made possible with the sponsorship of two City ofLondon Livery Companies, The Mercers’ Company and The Information Technologists’ Company. With the continued help of these two companies the academy will continue to grow to have up to 780 students by September 2015.

Visiting www.hammersmithacademy.org will provide more information on the academy.

The Mercers’ Company

This company dates as far back as the 14th Century and has been involved in education sinceSt.PaulsSchool was founded in 1509, over 500 years ago; hence the well deserved title of the Premier Livery Company in the City ofLondon. They own a vast array of investments throughout the City and the West End of London, the majority of which are properties. The company also affiliates itself with a lot of churches and it also spans across to housing for the elderly and their obvious support in education. The Mercers’ Company can pride themselves on providing healthy grant schemes that focus on giving opportunities and achievements inLondon and theWest Midlands.

To find out more information and exactly all of the 17 schools and colleges that are in The Mercers’ Companies association then please visit www.mercers.co.uk or you can contact Michael Merchant, Head of Education in person on [email protected]

The Information Technologists’ Company (ITC)

The ITC was awarded livery status in 1992 by the Court of Alderman of the City of London, and ever since they have been highlighting the relevance of the livery tradition to our society. Awarding the ITC this status made the company the 100th livery company of the City of London combining a majorly developing industry (IT) with the old livery tradition. With over 720 members who all are in the IT industry the company promotes the industry in which it is in and they also raise money for charities and educational activities.

Please visit www.wcit.org.uk for more information.

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