Light at the end of the tunnel for graduates

As a rise in university fees looks increasingly likely, Graduate recruitment experts in the West Midlands advise students not to be put off.

With the cost of a degree going up, students thinking of going to university should not be deterred from continuing their education, but they need now, more than ever, to make the most of the opportunities presented to them.

Sarah Evans, Director of Client Services at Birmingham-based Discovery Graduates says: “A university education provides more than just a degree for Graduates; the careers services, networking opportunities, expert advice offered by lecturers and potential for personal development within the course mean that even with an increase in fees, students still have excellent value for money.”

There were an estimated 17,920 graduate vacancies open this year.  Competing for these positions, were the 674,415 graduates leaving university with a degree, indicating a huge void between the number of graduates and the number of graduate positions on the market.

However, Sarah explains that the situation is not as dire as these figures suggest; “There are a huge number of Graduate opportunities that are not accounted for in these figures, such as traditional entry-level roles that require graduate calibre candidates. But, with the increasing competition for the top Graduate roles, students need more than just a degree to give them the edge. Every decision they take in their education, including the choices of which university to go to, and which course to undertake, must contribute to their overall career aims”.

Discovery Graduates offers further hope to students graduating from university over the coming years, with ŒThe Open Programme. This unique training scheme, now entering its second year, acts as an external, course-based development plan. The course runs alongside the graduate’s job role, in a similar style to the Graduate Schemes run by large, blue-chip recruiters. There are already ten businesses participating, including BAE, Branston, ABP and Interfood Technology.

Jonathan Evans, Managing Director of Discovery Graduates said: “The Open Programme is great news for those thinking of going to university, as the opportunities to obtain top-end Graduate roles upon completing a degree are increasing as a result”.

Discovery Graduates advises students and their parents not to be put off by an increase in university fees, as there is still an enormous benefit to be had from a degree education, providing students seize every opportunity available to them.

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