Young Academic’s Top Tips For Fashion Graduates

fashion graduates

Chasing a job in fashion after completing education? Here are your options: Are you considering pursuing a job role in fashion once you’ve completed education? There are a wide range …

Walk In The Shoes Of a Footwear Designer

footwear designer

It’s the dreaded question for youngsters who are set to finish secondary education — ‘Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?’ At the time, the question can seem …

Breaking Into Fashion As A Writer

fashion writing

Everyone can write, but not everyone can write well. Breaking into the fashion industry as a writer is probably a thought that has never crossed your mind, but in a …

Getting Into The Fashion Industry In The UK

student fashion

Getting a job in fashion changes across the world. But in the UK according to Fashion United, more than half a million people work in fashion-related industries. That’s a lot …

UK Student Fashion Tips On A Budget


Do you want to look your best for when you start University, but need to save some of that student loan for your newfound adult responsibilities? Well, take these top …

Young Academic Interview with Fashion PR Manager Kelly Meade

fashion pr

Fashion is a fiercely competitive industry to work in, with roles spanning from social media to the catwalk itself. With the end of term approaching, applications for internships, graduate schemes and work experience will be flooding in to fashion brands. Young Academic decided to look a little closer at how a role in fashion might look.

Young Academic’s Spring Style Tips For UK Students

young academic spring

In just a short while, the cold of winter will be gone, and the warm, sunny spring season will be upon us. This of course means that students all across the U.K. will be gearing up to debut their warm-weather fashion before too long.

What Effect is Tumblr Having on Personal Style?

Is Tumblr Killing Personal Style? - These Stylish Streets

This week, Rachel, our student fashion editor and writer of blog These Stylish Streets, questioned where Tumblr sits within the world of fashion and discusses the effects it is having on personal style. Are the advances in social media and a blogger’s thirst for recognition in fact killing style?