Learn About the Bauhaus Movement

It’s infographic time here at Young Academic once more and this one could well be of interest to any art and design students out there. This great graphic focuses on the Bauhaus Movement, which was symbolic of the artistic freedom enjoyed by German students in the post-war era. Take a look below, there are some intriguing insights and this artwork has been brought to you by www.aram.co.uk.

The Bauhaus movement


When Zeev Aram opened his first showroom in 1964, a small, white space on London’s Kings Road, he might as well have landed on the moon.
At the time, he recalls, you could buy the odd piece of Eames but generally, the UK was a modern furniture desert. And here was the work of Castiglioni, Breuer, and Le Corbusier, for the first time available to the public to buy and put in their own homes. Looking into that tiny showroom with its open slot cut into the window for mail, was like looking into the future. Could your studies take your career on a similar career trajectory?

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