How Exam Stress Could Be Damaging Students Teeth

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University is the best time of your life, with lots of friends, away from home and late night parties – but of course the real reason you are there is to get a good degree. Studying for exams and coursework can lead to stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. Read this Young Academic student news guide about how exam stress could well be damaging your teeth…

One of the symptoms of stress is grinding your teeth in your sleep, caused by anxiety which can lead to damaged enamel and tooth erosion.

If you are someone that gets stressed with exams, especially in your final year, it may be worth seeing how the London Tooth Wear Centre can help. If your jaw aches and you are having trouble chewing or experiencing sensitivity, it could be thanks to the anxiety you are facing and attrition is to thank, which is clenching and grinding of the teeth at night.

Luckily Professor Andrew Eder has some top tips to stop your teeth getting damaged in the night:

  1. Although it is difficult as a student, try to keep a regular body clock as your body will naturally feel ready for sleep.
  2. Create a revision schedule and stick to it – do not cram as this will just lead to more stress.
  3. If possible, have a bath or read a book that is not to do with your exams before you go to bed; this will help calm your brain before sleep
  4. Make sure you are using a good rand of tooth paste and brushing at least twice a day.
  5. Wait an hour after drinking an energy drink before brushing your teeth to avoid damaging the softened enamel.
  6. Try an alternative that is better for your teeth. Coconut water is less acidic than sports drinks, is hydrating, entirely natural and isotonic.
  7. Get your teeth checked by an expert. An early diagnosis of attrition is essential so that simpler treatment, including monitoring and prevention, can be employed. Otherwise more complex treatment may be necessary to restore satisfactory function and a pleasing appearance.


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