Great New Tool Launched for Students Looking to Cut the Price of Motoring

car cost calculator
There is no doubt about it, running a car is a costly part of life. Unfortunately for students this is an unavoidable expense, especially if their journey to campus is lengthy or work out of town.

Thankfully, the team here at Young Academic HQ have found a fantastic tool for calculating motoring costs.

The online tool, launched by our friends at British car dealership Motor Parks, is aimed at motorists looking to discover the running costs of their current car.  The tool is specifically designed for drivers in the market for a new car but with a set budget in mind and can help those not overly familiar with motorists to make the right decision.

While using the calculator takes minutes, the detailed results not only reveal how much a driver is spending to keep their vehicle on the road, but also offers simple tips for bringing costs down. This will surely be music to the ears of students who are worried about how much their car is costing them and how they can streamline this in time for the new academic year, set to start in September 2016.

Check Out The Tool For Yourself!

We encourage all Young Academic readers to check this tool out and see if the results can help them to improve their finances and if so, be sure to share with your friends, colleagues and family. This is just one of a number of summer student guides we will be publishing here at Young Academic over the coming months as we look to ensure you have all the information you need heading into another academic campaing.

In addition to this, we are always looking for budding writers here at Young Academic. If you have writing experience or perhaps you are looking to get yourself published for the first time, then just send your articles into us at [email protected] and pending editorial review, we would be more than happy to publish your work. Just keep it high quality, relevant and topical!

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