Go On, Get Out On The Water For Student Volunteering Week

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Sea Cadets is looking for students who are happy to roll up their sleeves, get involved and potentially make a huge, positive difference to the lives of so many young people in the area!

Volunteering at Sea Cadets offers students a chance to gain nationally accredited qualifications such as sailing, rowing and First Aid, which you can include in your CV to help you stand out from the crowd when applying for competitive graduate positions.

Your local Sea Cadet units have lots of roles to match your skills and can offer you training to help you gain more. Make more of your free time in the evening by showing cadets how to sail, powerboat, kayak or windsurf. We also need volunteers to teach first aid, football, mountain biking, navigation, drill and much more.

Sea Cadets is a national youth charity working with 14,000 young people, aged 10 – 18 in 400 communities – 45% of which are in economically challenged areas. Research from Youth United shows that 31% of Sea Cadet units are in the poorest quartile of locations in the UK, and these young people living in challenged locations may have fewer opportunities available for them making it more important that they are involved in structured youth activity.

Shelley Brown, the Lead Development Opportunities Officer at Sea Cadets, says: “If you’re studying for a career that involves working with young people, volunteering at Sea Cadets will provide an important insight and vital work experience in supporting young people.

“Volunteering was one of the best things I did when I graduated as it was a valuable stepping stone to start my career in the education and young people’s sector and has been really useful in helping me in role within the Sea Cadets. It gave me different topics and experiences to draw upon in interviews and boosted my CV and job application forms.”

Volunteers are supported by a network of other volunteers and employees. As a new volunteer you’ll receive an induction and will be given training and support to make you feel comfortable in your role. We are always there to provide ongoing help and support.

Sea Cadets offers an inspirational environment for young people aged 10 – 18 to challenge themselves and personally develop though nautical adventure based on the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy. This helps young people to build a sense of identity, positively impacting their life chances, from improved post-16 destinations in employment and training, to an increased participation in communities.

Go on, get out on water and join us! Find your local unit here: www.sea-cadets.org/units

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