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Following the report by Charles Whitworth on Friday underlining the plight of Scottish students, UCLAN correspondent Tom Chandler brings more bad news for students in the north of the United Kingdom. The Conservative party has said that up to 13,000 student places in Scottish universities could be lost because poor funding.

A graduate contribution system has been suggested by the Tories who say that politicians need to “face up to the cash crisis about to engulf Scotland’s universities”.

“Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party Annabel Goldie said the 13,000 places could disappear before the 2014 academic year.”


Ms Goldie said: “The SNP, Labour and the Lib Dems all refuse to face up to the cash crisis about to engulf Scotland’s Universities. The other parties are all driven by self interest ahead of May’s election, rather than having the grit and the guts to stand up and face the facts.”

Goldie added that other Scottish parties needed to address the “inconvenient truth”, and also stated that taxpayers should not bear the full weight of the funding crisis.

A spokesman for Scottish Education Secretary Mike Russell said that claims by the Scottish Conservative Party were “patent rubbish”.

“The SNP has made clear we will put in place a new funding settlement for our universities that protects the record number of places we have delivered in our first four years and ensures no gap with England opens up without charging either up-front or back- end tuition fees to Scottish students.”


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