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Earlier in the week, Charles Whitworth brought you news of the government’s decision to disband the Education Maintenance Allowance. Young Academic’s Tom Chandler has investigated further the ramifications this could have on the students of the United Kingdom.

Sixth-form students will lose £370 per year under the Government’s new replacement scheme for the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

“The new £180 million bursary system hopes to provide sixth form students in need with financial assistance in their studies.”


But the new bursary system has been condemned by the ‘Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)’ who say that the funding cuts will make young learners think twice about applying for sixth form.

Students are guaranteed a payment of £1,200 per year under the new system, but this is a substantial cut from the £1,170 that students were receiving under the EMA system.

Education secretary Michael Grove described the new system as a “discretionary fund” for schools, to help students that may face “genuine financial barriers”.

Head of the Save EMA Campaign James Mills said: “Michael Gove lied to young people before the election when he promised to not scrap EMA, and now according to the IFS he lied to the House of Commons this week saying that the poorest students would be better off under his new scheme.

“This is yet further evidence that the last thing we should be doing is scrapping EMA. If the scheme the Government want to replace it with is clearly more inadequate than EMA, why are we even considering wasting taxpayer’s money changing it?”

Trade Union NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates has also spoken out against the news, and said that Mr Grove could only regain his public credibility if EMA was restored.


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