Young Academic Guides: Staying Safe at University in 2016

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As students across the United Kingdom prepare themselves for a well-earned summer break, Universities across the country will be busy getting their campuses ready for the 2016/17 academic campaign. This can range from new facilities, refurbishing halls of residence and perhaps more crucially upgrading security equipment.

Security has become a huge issue in the UK over the years, with a number of factors often worrying parents and students alike. Burglary, vandalism and simply over raucous student parties can all cause a lot of damage putting more and more importance on security measures being ample at Universities and their campuses.

With this in mind, we have put together this guide to staying security conscious at University during the forthcoming academic year. This is just one of a number of summer students guides that will be coming your way from the Young Academic team this summer.

  1. Insurance

As you will have most probably seen on the television or the internet of late, there are now all sorts of affordable insurance options available for students. From Protect My Bubble to the products your bank or building society may offer as part of your account, these are well worth investing in when you are at University. Thieves often target student communities due to the fact that they know expensive electronics and clothes are likely to be floating around – so get yourself a policy. You may well be able to get student discount as well.

  1. Lock Away Your Gadgets

We really are spoilt these days, with the range of snazzy gadgets available to us which have already become vital to our daily lives. This is perhaps even more the case with student community due to the nature of academia. However, our iPads, smart watches, notepad computers and GoPro cameras are obvious targets when it comes to security at University.

If you have the facility at your student house, then be sure to lock these away when they are not in use and at the very least, ensure your room is locked. These items are extremely expensive and as well as being essential for Netflix, Facebook and Instagram, they may well contain priceless notes you need for your studies. If you have top of the range electronic gear, be sure to keep it safely stowed away as much as possible.

  1. Cyber Security

Our third tip for staying secure at University is a theme which is becoming more and more of an issue all the time. Cybercrime is on the up (as any avid watchers of Mr. Robot will be able to tell you!) but there are many ways you can keep yourself safe.

By ensuring you only use safe and trusted internet networks you can safeguard yourself a great deal. The Wi-Fi connections at your college or University will be very secure so you probably don’t need to worry about them, but be as vigilant as possible when you are out and about.

In addition to this, you should give a second thought to your credentials when using the internet. We are all a little bit lazy when it comes to this but a monthly change of these can give you a great peace of mind. It is all very well making sure your property is safely locked up and your valuables are insured, but cyber-attacks happen more than you think so make sure you are not susceptible. There is also a wide range of apps you can use on your phone, tablet, computer and browser that can offer you added security, so be sure to check them out.

Get In Touch With Your University

Of course, if you have any concerns whatsoever about the security protocols at your University, you can always get in touch with them over the summer months to discuss where you will be living and studying. This is particularly the case in the bigger cities where such security concerns are for more of an issue.

If you have any views on University security or wish to applaud your establishment’s measures, then why not send your article into us here at Young Academic as we are always on the lookout for guest contributors. Just drop us a line at [email protected]

This feature was produced in collaboration with 2020 Vision, a company that has worked with a number of UK universities, providing security solutions across the country.

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